After enduring yet another commentary from a woke millennial about how horrible America is, how it takes advantage of poor people, is a stain on the world stage, and countless other negative propaganda which have been embedded in millennial minds by the media and education systems, a thought came to me. Are people alive now the last ones who will have a living memory of America when its citizens were proud of themselves and their country? A memory and understanding of a country that is not perfect, but, even given all its faults is still a great nation. The knowledge that there is so much that is inherently GOOD in the United States, and in the opportunities and freedoms that it offers its people—ALL of its people. Evidence of America’s greatness is shown by the masses of people who are literally willing to risk their lives to join in on this great experiment.

To say it is sad how skewed the minds of the left have become, and the minds of our youth, is an understatement. The inability to look at both the good and the bad within America, and to turn a blind eye to the faults of the system they seek to replace it with is truly frightening. This is a tool used by the democratic/socialist party. They do not acknowledge any good in the United States only the bad, and that is all their followers see.

Reagan said “Freedom is a fragile thing and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction“, and he was right. If that happens how long will it take to recreate the great American experiment? The world will have no leader for freedom, human rights, technology. The world will no longer have the United States to protect them as the United States will be just another socialist state. The world will truly be a different place, and not the better for it.

The United States has led the world in so many areas and given so many things to the world that it boggles the mind. The current generation does not have a living memory of the technological wonders America brought to the world. How we pulled a decade from the future and put man on the moon, fought for the freedom of countless people all over the world, and in our own country. The United States has been the leader in so many areas it has pulled the rest of the world forward with it.

If the American experiment ends the world could well start to stagnate, and this stagnation would be more than just technological. America has nurtured and rewarded creative minds in the arts, business, medicine, and so many other areas. Without the American experiment would there be a Silicon Valley, the Internet, Hollywood, medical breakthroughs, satellites, GPS? There are so many examples to think about–what the world would be like if America had not been there to blaze the path. Is that what we want? To not only do away with the standard of freedom in the world but also slow the progression of mankind itself?

Without the driving need to compete, make the best product, and sell the goods and services we pay for at a fair price, a socialist America will have no motivation to improve, or for that matter even stay the same. Think about your interactions with the government; have you enjoyed them? Do you like waiting in line only to be told you are in the wrong line and filling out form after form and then waiting again for god knows how long? Why is government that way? Because they don’t have to improve. They get paid no matter what. They cannot go out of business. If you tried that with a business under capitalism it would be replaced by something better. That is how progress is made.

The current fight for the soul of America is literally a fight for the future of mankind itself. If America sinks into the depths of socialism, it may well be a millennium before that mistake can be corrected and another trailblazing nation is formed, putting the rights and freedoms of the individual first. This mistake could also never be corrected. In the history of man how many cultures supported freedom and diversity they way America does now? None. Do we really want to end this great experiment? Think about that when you use your next vote.

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