People with politically moderate views are in the majority in America. Moderates may lean left on some subjects and right on others. They see both sides of an issue and form their own opinions but are much less likely to want to cancel someone because their opinion is different. Moderates change elections yet their voices are not heard. What is heard are the extremists who make the most noise and get the most attention. Today we live under a “Democratic/Socialist” administration which has shown through it’s actions that the former more moderate Democratic party has swung hard left.

This site is dedicated to remind moderates that THEY determine the outcome of elections NOT the extremists and also to reflect and voice the more moderate reasonable positions and point out the folly of the far left and right. A person can have views that are both left and right, and not be a horrible person who needs to be canceled by today’s social media mobs.

Public posting is on for most articles but it is moderated. If you have something you want to say feel free to contact us and submit an article for evaluation and publication. This site is here for all of us who know, as did our founding fathers, that reasonable people can discuss a topic without hatred or the need to insult any one. The best path for all of is is not what either of the extremes want but is a compromise of ideas. Today’s society seems to have lost the ability to discuss and compromise. This site will publish any well thought out and articulated opinion or view.

In the end when you look at almost any issue the moderate view is usually the most beneficial and fair. It is here at CENTER-US.COM we hope to remind people of that fact.