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This site is dedicated to expressing the views of most Americans who are more MODERATE and in the CENTER. CENTER U.S. is here to make sure that the Far Left and Far Right know while we may be busy earning a living we are watching, the extremes do not control America the normal-middle-of-the-road citizens do. We are not happy about the direction our country is going and we intend to use our vote and voices to return the country to where our founding fathers and the constitution states it should be. We the People are being overlooked and under represented and that is going to change. Socialist Democrats and the Radical Right do have a right to exist, but they do not represent us.

More to come. If you found this site then you are one of the first. It is time for us to stand up, organize and make sure we are heard. Watch this space for your opportunity to see that there are still people out there that think like you. Who believe that America is good, are not ashamed to say it, and want to turn the tide.

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