Bidenconfused at town hall

The Biden administration constantly claims it is not their fault oil and gas prices are up. They claim it is the oil companies, or it is Putin’s fault. They state they have not hindered oil production in the United States but the reality seems to be at odds with this. Here are the simple facts.

March 2020 – Biden: “Number one, no more subsidies for fossil fuel industry. No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling, including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period, ends, number one.”

January 2021- Biden halts drilling auctions immediately after taking office. June 2021 – Federal judge orders a resumption of auctions, saying the government was required by law to offer acreage to the oil and gas industry.

Aug 2021 – As a result of a federal court order, the Biden administration announced plans to open millions of acres for oil and gas exploration as the White House sought to comply with the court order requiring it to resume lease auctions.

November 2021 – The Biden administration called for oil and gas companies to pay more to drill for oil and gas on public lands.

March 2022 – The Biden administration recently put further restrictions on pipeline construction after the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission announced new guidelines requiring that any new projects meet climate change thresholds.

The result of these policies is we went from an energy independent nation to one that is now begging other enemy nations for oil. This only took one and a half years to happen. Don’t be fooled by Biden and the word salad his staff presents. Joe did this.

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