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Just because you are famous does not make you right. As famous rich people, Hollywood actors are in a small bubble of fans who constantly adore and admire them. That is one of the reasons they became actors after all isn’t it? There is nothing quite as good as a great movie with good acting, but just because you can play the president, or an FBI agent, or a rocket scientist, does not mean you are one. You should not continue to pretend you are an expert or worse just THINK you are. Lets face it there may be some actors in Mensa but not many. Sorry actors, if you didn’t know, that is the organization for which you have to have a high IQ to be a member…you cannot just look good or be famous, there are actual qualifications.

The reason for this post is to remind people that actors are some of the last people you should look to for advice. They seem to think their opinion matters in everything from politics to health care. In truth they at best know only what an average person knows and probably less. If your making decisions about your health, how to manage in the pandemic, who to vote for or donate to, use your own judgement. You can form better opinions on your own rather than listening to these buffoons.

When you think about the unwitting amount of damage they can do using the loudspeaker that fame affords them you really have to worry. Their opinions are usually not well thought out, have huge holes in their logic, and are emotionally based. There are of course exceptions, but as a whole they have chosen fame over education. With that the ability to do critical thinking is rarely developed. Do yourself a favor, watch their movies, and ignore their opinions.

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