President Biden with a stack of executive orders.

The President and his parties actions make America weak, other nations see this as an opportunity to take advantage of us. The recent debacle in Afghanistan speaks volumes about the incompetency of this administration and their inability to understand what it takes to be a leaders on the world stage. Moderates who voted this administration in are having serious buyers remorse. Moderates were filled with some hope that Biden would hold true to his words and unite America. He said he would reach across the isle and work with the other party, “restore” the United States to it’s proper place on the world stage. His words were just hollow political rhetoric.

It is clear to us now that he is not capable of forming logical connections to manage the most obvious issues. The withdrawn from Afghanistan, handing over the country to the Taliban, was the latest, and most painful example of his disabilities. His party, even with the help of his liberal media cannot find a way to connect the dots and spin this as the rational decision of a President who can lead our great nation. The moderates who elected him do not want him to fail, but the failure was inevitable. That failure was even worse than his critics thought it could be. For the clear minded the insincerity of his promises was clear, as was the impact to our nation would suffer by electing a President with dementia. We have suffered economically, our nation is more divided than ever, our place on the world stage is diminished, and our military has been gutted.

The Biden administration has chosen to spend more time trying to promote woke, leftist, socialist agendas then they have focusing on real issues that will impact not only the United States, but the world. This administration has rapidly made the world a much more dangerous place. The President and his equally inept vice president stood in front of the nation and stated that “white supremacy” was the greatest threat to America, We can all clearly see what that threat is now, it is the Biden administration itself.

We have one hope to correct this atrocity of leadership and end the threat. We have to mobilize and take back control of our country by removing them from power with our votes. We, the moderates, control the elections not the far left or the far right. Hard working moderates are busy making a living, raising our families, and paying our bills. We need to find the time to make this change. Participate in the process, talk to your friends, let your representatives know you do not agree with the Democratic Socialist agenda. Only when they are removed can we return to our lives and the pursuit of happiness. Our founding fathers took bold action, and created a great nation. We cannot let them, or the next generation down. It is time for all of us to do more and turn the tide so we can restore our great nation. We can do this, you can do this, make a change.

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