Simon Canpbell fights for his right to free speech against a woke school board.

Like so many left wing school boards across the country the school board on Pennsbury Pa. has not only attempted to push critical race theory on the youth of our country but have also silenced anyone who disagrees with them. One of the standard tactics of a fascist government is to cut people off who have attempt to voice their non-party opinion. One former school board board member, a true patriot, has stood up against this assault on our constitutional right to free speech and self governance. He is one of many great Americans all across the country fighting for our rights and we need to support all of them. If we do not our country, and our way of life are truly in peril. Listen to Simon Campbell as he forcefully and directly reminds the government leaders that they cannot trample the rights of the citizens and they will be held accountable for their actions.

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