President Biden with a stack of executive orders.

Well that really depends on your perspective. As the saying goes one mans trash is another mans treasure. In this case if the treasure is a new socialist Amerika than you are one happy camper. So with that in mind what has the Biden administration done to accomplish their goal of turning America Socialist? Here is a short list, Socialist’s rejoice.

Create unemployment and dependency on government

The strategy to pay people not to work has been executed brilliantly. Now we have so few people willing to work we cannot unload container ships that are parked off of ports full of goods. Cancellation of projects such as oil pipelines, and not allowing oil production are all excellent ways to make people more dependent on the government. Excellent work!

As a side benefit the unemployment will cause disruptions in other industries which will then have to lay people off, more unemployment and dependence! For example staff shortages in the transportation industry. A lack of air traffic controllers is causing canceled flights interruptions to business. A lack of truck drives to deliver goods has worked to perfection along with the lack of workers at ports to unload ships. Hundreds of ships are waiting to be unloaded and have no where to go. This will result in empty shelves in stores and even more unemployment because stores don’t need workers to stock empty shelves. In addition people will get used to shortages and long lines other countries endure. Once again, great work Biden administration!

Make sure you monitor those who do work and punish them!

As you know the administration intends to “fairly” tax people who have managed to make a good living but they are also looking to monitor all bank accounts with over $600. They are hiring more and more IRS agents so that they can audit and punish anyone who they feel like. The privacy rights of people be damned the socialist agenda must moved forward!

As for the wealthy they must not be allow to keep what they earn, and it must be taken from them. This way the funds taken can be used to further fund the socialist agenda. Of course once there no more rich people because they took their money overseas, that could cause an issue for the government. They will find ways to suck the life out of the middle class when that happens. Success!

Assure inflation so that people will need the government more.

As listed above unemployment, shortages of goods, creating artificial energy shortages, putting in place draconian banking regulations are all measures to assure inflation. This has the added benefit of assuring the regular citizen has less to spend because ever dollar buys less. This again, will cause them to need uncle Joe’s help.

Make sure you keep the people divided.

This is absolutely critical. A unified people could band together to stop the socialist progress so you need to pit every social element you can against one another. Race against race, sexual preference against sexual preference, Poor against Rich, political party against political party. No cooperation is allowed. No bipartisanship, that would be disaster. Groups fighting against each other destabilizes the economy and also keeps them focused on each other and not what the socialist leaders are doing…Excellent work!

Destabilize the borders.

Not much to say here other than totally opening the boarders, allowing anyone from any country to walk into the America is working very well. These new people immediately become dependent on the government and will embrace any administration will give them handouts. This step is a little obvious in the socialist’s takeover. They need to pretend they are not for it. Say no don’t come, but act exactly the opposite so you have some superficial level of denial. This again is working very well.

If you are a socialist these are unbelievably great times. Times many Americans never thought would happen. Americans lived in a free country full of prosperity. If you are a true American these times are times we need to mobilize ourselves like the greatest generation did during World War II. We have to pull together and do what the founding fathers intended. Use every legal means to stop this blatant strategy to turn the U.S. into a socialist nation. One that will have the federal government in every aspect of our life, and those of our children. Your voice counts, your vote counts, use it.

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