The democrats are ripping America apart. Today President Biden said we are all racist against Asian Americans…huh?? Never once in my life have I seen that. He and Vice President Harris talked about internment camps from WWII which was almost a hundred years ago, and the building of the railroads using Asian labor. They chastised us all and talked down to us about how poorly we treat Asian Americans as if these were current events. They talked about Americans as if we are a morally corrupt racist society which has no positive message for the future.

They have shown weakness to the Chinese, and been openly taunted by Russian President Putin, to speak live because foreign leaders know our leader is weak. Their Biden Administration apologized for our flaws to a nation that uses child labor and genocide instead of reminding China about the good in our country, and the horrors in theirs. This administration does nothing resembling what moderates would want in implementation of new policy in a bipartisan way, not to mention moderate Republicans. The administration is just getting started with the far left agenda which they will continue to steamroll forward, forgetting what more than half of Americans want. This administration acts like they have a mandate but they barely have enough votes for a slim majority. This shows America does not want what they are doing and they do not represent us. If the moderate majority does not start to speak up, oppose what is going on, and vote them out in a peaceful way, things will only get worse. Voting them out may not be possible with the new illegal voting laws they are forcing in place. They openly flaunt the constitution by ignoring the state legislatures exclusive right to set voting laws, and the move to make D.C. a state. If this partisan bullying continues we may not be able to turn the tide.

THAT is why they have the Capitol looking like a military camp and not the capitol of the free world, a world where we work together and compromise. America is great because it’s people are good. Right now the people, the moderate majority, are not being heard or considered. They are afraid at some point the people will stand up, and they are terrified of that. If they had the true backing of the people there would be no need to be protected by barbed wire and solders. They know, and we know, the will of the people is not being served. The moderate majority needs to stand up and let our representatives know they are not implementing the will of the people. If we do not our way of life, and the country we love will be gone, The lives lost protecting our freedoms will have died in vein. For those who have sacrificed so much, and for our children’s future we must act. Each and every on of us must do our part. We must use every legal, peaceful method we have to change the course they are taking.

Unlike them we will not ignore the constitution and the laws of our land. If you are reading this remember they are NOT the majority. There are more moderate minded people than in both the far left and the far right. WE THE PEOPLE must remind them this is a country for ALL of us. Not just the far left and the Democratic Socialist agenda. Talk to your friends, your representatives, and when the time comes make sure you VOTE. Only then will we return our nation from the stranglehold of the left.

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