America is a great country. Made great because it is a country of, by and for the people. Our founding fathers saw the failings of kings, dictators, and many other forms of government. They sought to design a more perfect union. One that could thrive and grow. Ultimately their genius created what became a country seen as the beacon of freedom around the world. The most powerful and successful nation the planet.

The designers of our government knew that we would all not agree, we would never all agree. So they put in place mechanisms to assure that every person would be represented. We would not change the direction or desires of the nation by war and overthrow. We would do it through our elections. To that end they put in place mechanisms to assure that all people had equal fair representation. For example they saw the folly of small parts of the country having a large population ruling over the less densely populated areas. Did you ever stop to think why there are only 2 Senators per state but many congress people? They tried to strike a fair balance for all citizens.

Our vote, and the process we use is critical to our faith and trust in the government. If we do not trust the electoral systems, we do not feel we are represented. The voting process is critical to the peaceful transition of power. Without trust in that process citizens no longer have the faith to transition peacefully. If that trust is lost this will be the end of America and the great country that was created by our forefathers. The very foundation will crumble and America will cease to exist.

All parties who believe in freedom, and the continuation of our way of life, must stand up and take steps to assure elections are open and trustworthy. In the 2016 elections the Democrats claimed the election was rigged when President Trump was elected. They cited collusion and Russian interference. In the following election in 2020 the Republicans claimed the election was rigged, there was collusion and interference. Maybe both were right, maybe neither were.

No matter what party wins an election we must end this degradation to foundation of our country and do more to assure that elections are fair, open and accurate. Every American no matter what their party deserves no less. The finger pointing and fighting must end. We should all be able to band together and work to assure our elections are accurate. There should be no question. Once the process has completed and results are in, the loser needs to move on. If you think the elections were not accurate then become part of the process. Do what you can to assure accurate elections. If you feel mail in ballots can be abused let your congressmen know. If you think the polling sights are being abused then volunteer to run them. You are a part of this great country and you can help make it better. Be honest with yourself and fair to your fellow citizen, even if you disagree.

We are at a crossroads now, more so than possibly at any time in living memory. Our country faces a threat from within. That threat is ours to control. We are what ultimately will allow the great American experiment in freedom to continue, or we will be the cause of the end it. The choice is yours.

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