Here are some no spin facts on where the U.S. stands in terms of the COVID 19 crisis. This data is the raw data on infections and death rates showing some of the trends on the pandemic.

The first metric to look at is the percentage of people who have died in the U.S. from this virus. This is fairly straight forward to calculate. As of this writing we have had 547,296 deaths. The population of the United States is 330,022,000. To get the percentage you do the following math:

  • Deaths divided by population
  • 547296/330022000 = 0.0016
  • This number times 100 to get percent = 0.16% (one sixteenth of one percent.)
  • The total percent of the U,S, Population that has died from COVID 19 is 0.16% or 1.6 per thousand

Deaths per million

Here are the actual numbers (Source Our World Data).

This chart shows the 7 day rolling average number of deaths per million people over time.

The virus appears to be getting under control. Even with an uptick in cases, deaths are not going up. This is most likely because the fragile are being vaccinated first. Other countries are seeing a spike in cases and deaths but the U.S. has vaccinated as many as four times per capita as some of these countries.

Hopefully this data will help you understand where we are. With the vaccine being distributed we should continue to see significant drops in these numbers and that will continue to be a welcome sight.

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